Microfluidics Applications


Linear gradient of humoral factors for cells; Microgrooves attached a cell culturing well enable to create linear gradient of humoral factors inside the culturing well. This culturing condition is useful to test the significant amount of those factors for cells. Ref: Hiraiwa, T., et al. "Quantitative analysis of sensitivity to a Wnt3a gradient in determination of the pole-to-pole axis of mitotic cells by using a microfluidic device." FEBS openbio (2018)

Testing varied shear stress at once; To examine the effect of shear stress, the device was designed as it can give different range of shear stress to culturing cells. Ref: Hiraiwa, T. st al. "Activation of cell migration via morphological changes in focal adhesions depends on shear stress in MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma cells." J. R. Soc. Interface (2019)

Combination of microcontact printing and vacuum system; Microcontact printing of extracellular matrix enables to keep cells within the micropatterns for long enough duration to achieve local activation of cells, vacuum system produces reusablity of device components. Ref: Hiraiwa, T. et al. "Fabrication method to a high resolution control in the space of cell culturing environment with microfluidic system." IEEE 27th International Conference on MEMS (2014)

New Challenges

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